Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hello! This blog was set up to allow candy wrapper artist to exchange wrappers and information on sources for candy wrappers. These wrappers are to be used to make candy wrapper purses, wallets, belts, picture frames and many other items. If you are a candy wrapper artist you know that each project may require hundreds of candy wrappers and please do not mention colors. It is hard to always find the color that you want for that special project.

My idea here is to keep things simple. If you have wrappers to sell or trade please post them in the comment section of this blog. First, if you have candy wrappers or potato chip bag material on a roll that has not been used, maybe you could list that by the pound. I would suggest sending between one quarter pound to 2 pounds. There should be enough in each order to at least do a small project. That would be enough material to make at least 100 pieces 2 by 4 1/2 inches in size.

If you have candy or other kinds of snack wrappers that have been used they must be cleaned and cut to the size of 2 by 4 and 1/2 inches. These should be placed in a zip lock bag, the snack size works great. I have found it is a good idea to avoid the black and white nutritional info on the back of the bag. Go for the areas of plain color or colorful larger letters or pictures. The wrappers should not be torn or crumpled. There should be enough pieces to do a small project ( at least 100 pieces). If you have smaller quantities of rare or very beautiful wrappers please feel free to post those also.

Another possibility is to exchange or sell kits. That would be the completed chains ready to be sewn together for a project.

If you have any other training or sewing aids that might be useful in making candy wrapper items please let us know.

In this format, I would not advise exchanging credit card info. If that kind of info is required, go thru paypal or set up your transaction as an auction on ebay. All materials should be water proof and not have color on them that can rub off. Candy wrappers and other material used for food packaging are very stable. I would not advise using wrapping paper of any kind because I have found the colors are not stable.